Oct 17, 2011

Hook Yarn and Sisters

We have some adorable hand knitted hats from the local buisness Hook Yarn and Sisters. Read their very interesting bio below.

Oldest and youngest in a school of five, Hook Yarn and Sisters, Glenna and Andrea, spawned their crochet business despite 18 years and 238 miles between them! Hatched and raised in a Western Colorado town where two rivers meet, both women were caught--hook, line and sinker--on crochet. Color, texture, and a little swimming upstream help create each hand-u-factored hat. From small fry to adults, everyone can reel one in that suits their scales.

When they aren't crocheting, you can catch them at the local yarn shop up to their gills in yarn or sitting around looking at shiny objects. Neither considers fishing a past-time but enjoy the similarities between the two hooks. They both agree a big part of the fun are the belly laughs that occur when coming up with fishing terms to name their hats.

Oct 5, 2011

An extra 20% off all Tea sale items

We have a fantastic sale going on for all Tea clothes already on sale! Come on in and stock up on Tea clothes!

Oct 4, 2011

Warm infant sweater rompers from Kiwi Industries

We have in some warm sweater romper suits for babies, right in time for the cold weather!